How Surveillance Secure improved service delivery with MSP+OS

+17% Client Retention

By solidifying internal workflows

100% Accurate Reporting

Leading to better decision making

25 Hours/Month

Saved by reducing manual labor



Learn how MSP+OS customized ConnectWise solution helped Surveillance Secure streamline their entire business and prepare for franchising, allowing them to focus on growth rather than struggling with ConnectWise configuration.


About Surveillance Secure

Since 2006, the team at Surveillance Secure has been a full-service provider of surveillance cameras, access control, and video analytic security systems. They service clients ranging from their local Washington, D.C. metro area to across the United States. 


The Problem

For the everyday user, ConnectWise is a headache to customize

Surveillance Secure purchased ConnectWise Manage and Sell and were thrilled by the prospect of making their system delivery more efficient. Kim Hartman, President of Surveillance Secure, decided to configure the platforms himself — and quickly ran into roadblocks. After long nights and weekends of frustrated attempts, he realized they needed dedicated expert help. 

He began looking for a consultant who could customize their ConnectWise processes and empower Surveillance Secure to add multiple franchises to their business while still maintaining one centralized ConnectWise platform. 

The Solution

MSP+OS customizes ConnectWise to every MSP’s unique needs & goals

The Surveillance Secure team eventually discovered MSP+OS, and we quickly dove into customizing the firm’s ConnectWise solution for their unique growth needs. 

For the first couple of weeks, MSP+OS' consultants focused on configuring the framework of their Manage and Sell environments, giving Surveillance Secure the ability to track their HQ location separately from their franchise location. 

Next, Kim requested one-way access for HQ to view and access the franchisee’s data. To make this possible, the MSP+OS team: 

  • Customized security settings across both ConnectWise Manage and Sell

  • Kept the two locations’ data separate in order to not impact reporting

  • Linked both locations’ QuickBooks to the single Mobius in Sell

From there, MSP+OS helped Surveillance Secure solidify their internal workflows and implement efficiency measures to ensure their team was prepared for the impending rapid expansion. 

“Even though ConnectWise has its constraints, SPG has always found me an effective solution to work around it. Our main consultant, Eileen, was always giving us shortcuts and tips on how to get what I needed done faster.” 

The Results

After successfully onboarding their first franchisee, Kim and his team at Surveillance Secure are comforted knowing MSP+OS has given them the tools and solutions necessary to maintain their excellent service delivery at scale. 

Overall, he calls bringing in SPG a game-changer, as we’ve helped them drive metrics such as: 

  • 17% increase in client retention by solidifying internal workflows and making service delivery efficient 


  • 100% accurate reporting, leading to better decision making 


  • Reduced 25 hours per month of manual labor across finance tasks

“SPG was ultimately able to streamline our entire operation, freeing me up to focus on growing our business and finding more franchisees.” 


The Future

Now that Surveillance Secure has their first franchise down pat, Kim and his team are ready to move forward by adding a couple more — meaning even more rapid growth and success. Throughout this expansion, he’s been grateful to have MSP+OS providing recommendations for best practices to help them through it. Ultimately, MSP+OS will be around for the long haul to provide a helping hand whenever and wherever it’s needed.