How Terminal B saved 400 hours with MSP+OS (formerly Sierra Pacific Group) automated scripts

156 Endpoints Per Tech

Now managing an additional 156 endpoints per tech

400 Hours Saved

Reduced over 400 hours of manual labor

12+ Billable Hours

Increased billable hours by 12+ per tech


MSP+OS (formerly Sierra Pacific Group) partnered with Terminal B to revamp their ConnectWise Automate instance, focusing on developing more automated and remote workflows. The goal was to enhance efficiency and profitability for Terminal B, ensuring that their IT service delivery remained competitive in an ever-evolving market. 

About Terminal B

For over 15 years, Terminal B has serviced Central Texas businesses with vital desktop support, data center ops, and end-to-end infrastructure consulting and management. After outgrowing their existing ConnectWise Automate setup, Terminal B trusted SPG to conduct a much-needed overhaul.

Services Provided 

MSP+OS (formerly Sierra Pacific Group) initially collaborated with Terminal B on an ConnectWise Automate RMM Improvement Project. These projects are tailored for busy IT/MSP companies that have used ConnectWise RMM systems for several years, but haven't fully optimized their features, leveraged automation, or configured the tools according to established best practices.



The Problem: Revitalizing an Outdated ConnectWise Automate Implementation for Enhanced Service Delivery

Terminal B realized their initial ConnectWise Automate implementation had become outdated and was no longer meeting the demands of their sophisticated service delivery model. The system's inability to effectively deploy patches and provide accurate alerts led to significant inefficiencies, as the team spent countless hours addressing false alarms.

Without a dedicated expert to manage, refine, and continuously optimize their Automate setup, Terminal B was at risk of experiencing these challenges repeatedly, hindering their potential for growth and overall productivity. In order to maintain a competitive edge and ensure the highest level of service for their clients, it became evident that a strategic revamp of their ConnectWise Automate infrastructure was of paramount importance.


The Solution: Eliminate Inaccuracies & Enhance Efficiency Through Automation

From the onset, MSP+OS (formerly Sierra Pacific Group) collaborated with Terminal B to make crucial adjustments to their ConnectWise Automate framework, addressing two primary concerns.

  1. Alerts & monitoring — MSP+OS (formerly Sierra Pacific Group) rapidly reconfigured Terminal B's monitoring setup for client systems, substantially reducing the occurrence of false-positive alerts and enhancing the accuracy of their reporting.
  2. Automated workflows — MSP+OS (formerly Sierra Pacific Group) pinpointed repetitive tasks within Terminal B's workflows that could be efficiently handled by Automate. These tasks encompassed proactive, 24/7 monitoring and an upgraded, more effective automated patching system.

By optimizing Terminal B's use of their RMM software, MSP+OS (formerly Sierra Pacific Group) ensured that the company could fully capitalize on its investment. Together, the teams devised new automations to streamline workstation deployment, empowering Terminal B to remotely update clients' Windows workstations. This not only saved time but also reduced expenses by minimizing the need for on-site visits, further increasing the overall efficiency of their service delivery.


The Results: Maximizing Efficiency and Profitability through Strategic Collaboration and Automation

MSP+OS (formerly Sierra Pacific Group) provided a comprehensive approach, which included refining alert thresholds, streamlining monitoring and reporting, and developing numerous automations and scripts, led to significant improvements for Terminal B. These enhancements enabled the team to:

  • Save approximately 2 hours on every desktop deployment, boosting productivity

  • Increase managed endpoints from 850 to 1,006 without the need for additional staff, demonstrating scalability

  • Enhance profitability by implementing remote workflows and minimizing on-site visits, reducing operational costs

Although the majority of MSP+OS (formerly Sierra Pacific Group) work has been completed, their ongoing support for Terminal B remains invaluable. By continuing to manage ConnectWise Automate projects, troubleshoot issues, and optimize processes whenever possible, the team ensures Terminal B maintains its competitive edge and delivers the highest level of service to their clients.