M&A Due Diligence

Professional M&A due diligence can identify red flags or hidden liabilities, helping companies avoid costly mistakes
Ensuring M&A Confidence

Ensuring M&A Confidence

 M&A due diligence is a deep, investigative 
 audit, providing a holistic, expert-driven 
 approach to evaluate potential acquisitions 
 or mergers. 

Our mission with M&A Due Diligence is to validate assumptions. We do this by diving deep into various facets of the target company, ensuring that the acquiring company has a clear picture of the investment they're about to make. Whether it's understanding financial health, assessing operational synergies, or ensuring cultural fit, this service is instrumental in facilitating informed, confident M&A decisions.

Through meticulous research, we uncover "deal breakers", evaluate financial performance, and assess potential risks.

 In the intricate world of mergers and 
 acquisitions, envisioning two diverse 
 firms seamlessly merging as one is often 
 an illusion. This misconception can pave 
 the way for financial pitfalls, cultural 
 clashes, and unrealized potentials. 

Enter M&A Due Diligence - your guide to unlocking the true potential of M&As.

Robust Communications Plan

 Keeping everyone informed is key. 

Our comprehensive communications plan addresses not just the executive team but also the acquired team, existing team, and even the client base. We provide tailored communication strategies to ensure each group receives the right message at the right time.

Operational Due Diligence

Evaluates the target's operations, infrastructure, assets, IT systems, and other operational facets.

Commercial Due Diligence

Analyzes the market and competitive landscape, customer relationships, sales channels, and growth potential.

Cultural/HR Due Diligence

Assesses the target's corporate culture, talent, compensation structures, and potential HR challenges after the merger.

IT Due Diligence

Investigates the technological infrastructure of the target company, software licenses, digital assets, cybersecurity, and data privacy.


 Our approach isn't just about ticking boxes. 

We're dedicated to driving genuine business outcomes. This entails everything from removing administrative burdens to providing both quantitative and qualitative reports across all business functions. At its core, our methodology is geared toward aligning all integration activities with your overarching business goals.


We get it.

Identifying the specific areas where improvement is needed can be challenging. Especially when you are deeply involved in your own operations.

 This is where MSP+OS can provide valuable expertise. 

As consultants, we bring an experienced and objective perspective to your business. Our team will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your current systems, operations, and processes. By gaining a deep understanding of your business, we can identify potential blind spots or inefficiencies that may not be apparent from an internal standpoint. 

 Our goal is to help you discover and implement a 
 better way of doing things.

Once we identify areas for improvement, we work collaboratively with your team to create a plan of action. This includes strategic recommendations, introducing supporting third-party apps, and providing training and education to upskill your team for efficient day-to-day operations. 


What exactly does "due diligence" involve in the M&A process?

Due diligence in the M&A process involves a comprehensive appraisal of a target company's business, assets, liabilities, and performance. This allows potential buyers or investors to assess the value and risks of the acquisition.

Our M&A Due Diligence Services meticulously examine financial records, operational workflows, company culture, legal compliance, and other essential domains to ensure you're making an informed decision.

How can your services benefit us during the acquisition phase?

Our M&A Due Diligence Services provide a robust framework for understanding the intricacies of the target company. This aids in recognizing potential risks, uncovering hidden value, and ensuring a fair transaction price.

Armed with this knowledge, you can negotiate better terms, prepare for integration challenges, and set realistic post-acquisition goals.

How long does the due diligence process usually take?

The duration of the due diligence process can vary based on the size and complexity of the target company. Typically, it ranges from a few weeks to a couple of months. Our team prioritizes efficiency and thoroughness, ensuring a comprehensive assessment within an optimal timeframe.

Can your team handle cross-border or international M&As?

Yes, our team is experienced in handling cross-border and international M&As. We're equipped to navigate the complexities of different regulatory environments, cultural nuances, and financial structures, ensuring a smooth and informed acquisition process regardless of geography.

How do you ensure confidentiality during the due diligence process?

Confidentiality is paramount in M&A transactions. We employ strict non-disclosure agreements, secure data handling protocols, and encrypted communication channels. Our team is trained to handle sensitive information with the utmost discretion, ensuring your business details remain protected throughout the process.

What sets your M&A Due Diligence Services apart from other providers?

What sets us apart is our holistic approach. We don't just focus on the financials; we delve deep into operational processes, company culture, and potential growth areas.

Our team's diverse expertise, combined with our commitment to transparency and client collaboration, ensures that you receive a comprehensive and actionable insight for every acquisition.


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