Empowering technology leaders, MSP+OS is the confluence of innovation, vision, and unparalleled expertise, guiding businesses from vision to unmatched success in the IT and MSP industry

A Team of Industry Experts

Partnering with MSP+OS means tapping into the collective intelligence of our team, not just a single perspective. 

 Platform Certifications:  82+ 💥

 Cumulative Experience:  415+ enriching years 💼

 Team Strength:  75+ brilliant minds 💫

 Global Footprint 6 Countries across 5 Continents 🌍


 Pioneering the Next-Gen MSP Evolution: MSP+OS is Not Just a Model, It's the Future. 


leaderWe are trailblazers, not just colleagues. We continually learn, innovate, and transform the impossible into reality.

We embrace a culture where excellence is not an aspiration, but our standard.

Humbly Confident

business-mindOur knowledge stems from relentless learning & deep expertise. We're experienced leaders, but embrace wisdom. 

It's about listening, learning & leading with humility & assurance.

Better Together

team-buildingWe are not lone wolves, but a united force. Recognizing that in unity, we achieve feats beyond individual reach.

As we merge paths, we remain steadfast in our belief: together, we are stronger, bolder, and better.

Grow Through Curiosity

expert-teamFueled by insatiable curiosity, we challenge the status quo by asking 'Why?'. The quest for understanding propels learning.

It ensures we remain innovative, relevant, and always at the forefront of our industry.

Go-Givers at Heart

serviceOur motivation transcends financial gains. Driven by passion, we relentlessly seek opportunities to give back.

Embracing an ethos of generosity, we believe that true fulfillment comes not from taking, but from giving.

Be Good, Have Fun

positive-feedbackBalance dedication and hard work with humor and joy. We foster a workplace where creativity thrives amidst laughter.

Happiness isn't just an outcome, but the fuel for innovation and success.


At MSP+OS, we represent the collaboration of five trailblazing companies, each with a distinct specialty.

Sierra Pacific Group and StackAdvisors have carved a niche in systems consulting. ConnectStrat illuminates the path with its Executive Coaching and Leadership Training while Delta Vida and XPM2 excels in platform building, data migration, and custom integrations.

Together, as a 75-strong force, we stand tall as one of the largest consulting firms in the channel.


Our foundation lies in meticulous business assessments which enable our expert team to design tailored project plans that align with your goals.

We see a world where IT businesses are propelled by strategic coaching, precise systems consulting, optimal tech stack alignment, and data-driven decision-making.

Our vision extends beyond mere consulting; we aim to be architects of growth, innovation, and unparalleled success in the IT domain.


Your journey to excellence is our shared mission. Through our comprehensive services, we empower your leaders, foster team brilliance, and offer fully outsourced accounting services for data-driven decisions.

 With a focus on precision, we ensure your data not only moves but is accurately placed, driving insights and actions. 

At MSP+OS, your growth, innovation, and success are the yardsticks by which we measure our own achievements.