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Sick of Searching on Social?

We get it - community is extremely valuable. 

Leveraging the "hive mind" of system experts across social media sources like Reddit, Facebook, Slack, and Discord has been a game changer for IT businesses looking to get to the next level. 

However, at MSP+OS, we don't just value knowledge and expertise - we also value time.

That's why we created, Elevate. 

 A survey by McKinsey found that  
 employees spend almost 20% of their 
 work week searching for internal 
 information or tracking down   colleagues for assistance. 

So, we designed Elevate.

A curated library of proven practices for IT businesses looking to grow with speed and scale. 


With a Membership to Elevate You'll Have Access To:



Comprehensive training documents to help you and your team!




Step-by-step instructions on how to perform simple and complex tasks!




Check out our videos, webinars, and tutorials for visual learners!




Whether it be industry or experienced based, find out best practices here!


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  • Improve operational maturity with best practice
  • Upskill your team on new tools and process
  • Create a content library for team collaboration 
  • New documentation added monthly


Your Resource For PowerShell Scripts

Searching through social platforms can be time-consuming, with no guarantee of finding a suitable script. A dedicated library eliminates the need to browse multiple sites or posts, dramatically reducing the time taken to locate a specific script.

Having a centralized library for PowerShell scripts ensures a streamlined, reliable, and efficient approach to managing and executing RMM system tasks.

Best Practices, Curated by members

Our repository is filled with best practices and proven processes based on our experience with MSP+OS clients, years of expertise, and industry trends.

What sets our documentation site apart from others? Elevate Members can submit requests for new content, make suggestions on improvements, and provide direct feedback to our consulting team - all in one platform!

Your Resource For 3rd Party Integrations

Having a centralized library means IT your team does not need to search for integration guides or go through trial-and-error to set things up. 

IT professionals equipped with a library of third-party integration instructions, like Wise-Sync, are better prepared to handle the complexities of modern IT environments, ensuring efficient, consistent, and error-free integrations.

Ready To Sign Up, But Have Some Questions First?

What do I get with a 3-month pass?

With a 3 month pass you get:

- Access to PSA/CPQ/RMM system best practices, workflows, PowerShell scripts, video trainings, best practices, and step-by-step guides

- Documentation on ecosystem tools, like Wise-Sync, Wise-Pay, QuickBooks, BrightGauge, etc. 

- Support; finding the right documentation

- The ability to request custom or specific documentation

- Exclusive access to new documentation, released monthly

How often will the site be updated with new & fresh information?

We update the site monthly with new scripts, SOPs, training videos, and policies!

You can also request new documentation be developed by our team, if you are looking for something that does not currently exist.

We do our best to respond quickly, adding the requested documentation for all members to access.

How does Elevate compare to other popular documentation sites?

Our team takes a human approach when it comes to best practice. We are extremely responsive to support requests (72 hours or less) and provide relevant information for real life scenarios, not perfect world examples.

Since we work with hundreds of IT businesses who use similar products to your and your team, we have real uses cases and actual success stories documenting the results of our strategies.

We also take requests for custom docs, just ask via the support chat!

What If I don't find the information valuable after I sign up?

We are offering access to our documentation site for 3 months, for $99. starting in January - our Elevate subscription fee will be $99/month, 12 month subscription. 

During your 3 month period, you should have a good amount of time to review core documentation, as well as experience new documentation as it's released.

After 3 months, we will reach out to ask if you would like to continue your membership for an additional 9 months at $99/mo. If you don't love the documentation, you can cancel your membership after the 3 month period with no penalty!

Remember, these aren't just "Best Practices' -- these are Proven Processes! If you are not seeing results from implementing the processes yourself, reach out to us for consulting, guidance, or execution - and we'll guarantee it!

What payment and cancellation options do I have?

Pay $99 to access the site for 90 days.

Your 90 days begins counting down from purchase date.

Once the 90 days are up, we will reach out to you via email to offer an extension on your membership for an additional 9 months. 

You can decide to cancel/extend your subscription at any time within the 90 days.

What if my team needs more help, like guidance or execution?
Simply reach out to us at - and our team will provide options for help with consulting, execution or guidance!


Introducing Elevate by MSP+OS.

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