Five Firms Unite: Revolution in MSP & IT as MSP+OS

  • Adam Bielanski
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    Adam Bielanski

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  • November 1, 2023
  • 3 minute read

MSP+OS’ unparalleled expertise and resources will revolutionize the way managed service providers operate and succeed


November 1, 2023 – Five trailblazing companies – Sierra Pacific Group, Delta Vita, XPM2 Partners, Stack Advisors, and ConnectStrat – have formed a monumental partnership and new company, MSP+OS, that will reshape the managed service provider and IT services industries.

“In laying the groundwork for the next generation of managed service providers, we are fulfilling more than just an ambition; we are accepting a duty to drive the industry forward. MSP+OS isn’t merely a business model, it’s a seismic shift that will redefine operational excellence, stakeholder value and market leadership for MSPs globally,” said Adam Bielanski, Chief Executive Officer of the new entity.

“With MSP+OS, we’re presenting an unmatched ecosystem that spans from executive coaching to operational mastery and systems engineering,”  added  Chief Revenue Officer   Nicole Bielanski. “This is more than a game-changer. It’s a comprehensive solution that sets a new paradigm for market leadership. No other consulting agency provides such an all-encompassing approach to elevate MSPs to the next level.”

The five companies combining to form MSP+OS are:

  • Sierra Pacific Group: The driving force in operational service consulting, ConnectWise systems integrations and dynamically scaling sales, service and finance teams.
  • Delta Vida: A tech-centric consultancy that excels in optimizing business operations through adept handling of mergers, acquisitions, and cross-industry project management.
  • XPM2 Partners: Known for its holistic approach to post-merger integration, efficient project management, and business process optimization.
  • Stack Advisors: An MSP-focused agency offering state-of-the-art ConnectWise automation solutions for scalable and optimized operations.
  • ConnectStrat: The authority in strategic business coaching; laser-focused on propelling leadership and growth in the IT sector through tailored coaching and strategThe combined companies that make up MSP+OS provide unparalleled expertise and resources and will revolutionize the way managed service providers operate and succeed.
Going beyond traditional consulting services, MSP+OS offers a comprehensive, client-centric approach that covers everything from data migration and systems optimization to executive coaching. This initiative empowers technology business leaders to actualize their visions, offering tailor-made solutions designed to improve operations, drive innovation and streamline processes.

By partnering with clients from conception to execution and beyond, MSP+OS is introducing a groundbreaking consulting paradigm that enables businesses to not only achieve scalable growth but also to future-proof their operations, fundamentally redefining what is achievable in terms of expansion and revenue. Stakeholders, encompassing both team members and clients, are set to benefit in numerous ways from this alliance, with advantages ranging from new career opportunities and job security to access to comprehensive, integrated solutions and expedited innovations.

“In the ever-evolving MSP landscape, our dual focus on platform transformation and software integration is a game-changer,”
said MSP+OS  Chief Technology Officer Bill Stucklen. “It’s not just about streamlining; it’s about scalability and automation. Our teams are continually innovating and creating automation tools that allow MSP businesses to scale like never before. We’re integrating at the code level, we’re automating complex processes and we’re doing it all with a view to redefine what ‘service’ means in this industry. This is more than just technology, it's the future of service delivery in the MSP world.”

MSP+OS will emerge as a visionary force crafted through the collaborative efforts of industry leaders and will transcend the conventional consultant role to become architects of an ambitious future in the MSP and IT services industry. MSP+OS will be anchored in six foundational elements – vision, people, profit, growth, operations, and security – and have a mission statement that captures the new company’s unwavering commitment: “Guiding Business Leaders from Vision to Impact through Strategic Transformation and Execution.”
 Jamison West,  MSP+OS’  Chief Strategy Officer , said, “By uniting the brightest minds in our industry, we are setting the standard for what's to come. This goes beyond mere growth – it’s an evolutionary leap that will serve as the blueprint for the future of MSPs. We’re not just adapting to the industry, we’re shaping its future.”



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