ConnectWise & QuickBooks: Our Answers to Your Top Questions

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    MSP+OS Team

  • December 9, 2023
  • 2 minute read

Are your revenue numbers integrating into QuickBooks the way you want them to?

This post will highlight ConnectWise and QuickBooks integrations, and offer responses to a number of questions people have about these two platforms.

What do you hope to achieve by integrating ConnectWise and QuickBooks?

A common misconception is that people see the integration of these platforms as a solution—when really, it’s only a step in the overall process.

To address this, you’ll want to examine why you want to integrate the two platforms.

You need a plan before taking action, right?

And by reviewing your product and service boards, and seeing how they map up, you can be mindful of your approach—and use both platforms consistently. You’ll have a solid understanding of what maps to where, and whether the mapping makes sense, in no time.

Will changing things in ConnectWise affect your QuickBooks catalogue?

The answer is a resounding yes.

If QuickBooks already has a mapping set up, the platform won’t recognize changes in ConnectWise—even with the integrations in place.

So, to ensure the two platforms work well together, you’ll want to maintain a chart of accounts that makes clear sense.

You’ll also want to confirm you have all the data you need to do your job successfully. This means separating your hardware accounts from your project revenues, for instance—and setting up QuickBooks correctly.

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: Your chart of accounts is absolutely paramount to using both QuickBooks and ConnectWise successfully.

What can you do to make sure your quoting and renewals are completed properly?

In QuickBooks, the whole lifecycle needs to be consistent. We’ve mentioned this already, but here we’re going to emphasize just how important it is to bill clients or vendors properly—even if something doesn’t make sense.

So when it comes to quoting, you’ll need to make sure you’ve established a clear process for where people can go if something doesn’t add up. If a bill is confusing or missing key information, a cohesive quoting process will allow people to double-check the data they need to move forward.

From a renewals standpoint, configurations with workflow rules are generally helpful. Whether it’s a software or an actual agreement, you can start with a quote and go all the way through the lifecycle to ensure accounting is looped in—and then kick off your renewals from there.

Where does payroll come in?

Most clients use ConnectWise for their timekeeping. They want 40 hours documented each week, with PTO recorded, and other information readily-available.

While there’s no integration for hours or payroll that can be connected in QuickBooks, timesheet best practices—and the value of accuracy and approvals for ConnectWise—are as valuable as ever.

In short, hours need to be submitted on time because companies simply can’t submit their payroll late. People need to be incentivized to act promptly and easily jump from platform to platform, taking the steps they need to integrate the systems they require.

Can you adjust your executive reporting data?

The only way to get accurate P&Ls is to make sure the data is entered correctly.

And as long as you’re consistent, you’ll be fine.

For instance, say you receive a $10,000 bill for your company’s general liability insurance.

You might cover the entire cost at once, and then wonder why you made so little that month—but best-practice accounting would show a monthly breakdown of the expense.

Yes, the cash went out in January, but the expense carries out for the whole year. And these minute expenses—categorized appropriately—can make a real difference in processing your executive reporting data.

Additionally, making decisions based on your owner’s long-term goals can help you better understand your needs for both ConnectWise and QuickBooks. This will allow stakeholders examine all their data at a higher level.


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