Automate Software Installs & Compliance with These RMM PowerShell Scripts

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  • February 21, 2023
  • 2 minute read

In our capacity as an RMM Systems Consulting firm, we understand that as a Managed Service Provider, you've committed to providing your clients with a comprehensive set of solutions, of which, monitoring and patching their technological landscape are fundamental.

Your RMM is the driving force enabling you to honor these commitments.

As your business expands, the need for an expertly optimized RMM becomes paramount. This involves:

  1. Thoroughly eradicating any over-complication within your platform
  2. Engaging in mindful, proactive alerts to circumvent unnecessary troubleshooting
  3. Harnessing the power of automated scripts to amplify your operational bandwidth

MSP+OS in a recent webinar, unveiled five automated scripts designed to supercharge your RMM's efficiency.

We've already dissected the first two scripts in Part 1. Now, we're excited to delve into the remaining details.

Script #3: Software Install



When it comes to deploying new software for your clients, you typically find yourself at a crossroads:

Option one, dispatch a team member to the client's premises, and painstakingly install the software on each machine via a network share.

Or, option two, ascertain the automatability of the software, synchronize an installation time with your client, execute the script, and thereby conserve your technician's valuable time.

The choice - and the potential savings - are crystal clear.

Recently, our expert RMM Consultants at MSP+OS have meticulously crafted a software script repository that undergoes regular additions and refinements on an hourly basis. Through years of cultivation and fine-tuning, we are armed and ready to assist clients in automation right from the get-go. This includes fundamental applications like Adobe and Chrome, to industry-specific software such as AutoCAD and Bluebeam (our repository access is extended to our ConnectWise Consulting and N-Able Consulting clients).

However, we are mindful not to inundate your database with excess automations. If a problem can be solved by optimizing an existing tool in your stack, we won't needlessly propose a new installation.

At MSP+OS, our approach to software adoption hinges on two guiding principles:

  1. Pragmatically, is your team likely to prefer this automation over manual processes?
  2. Have you thoroughly explored all alternatives before opting for a new solution?

Script #4: Software Update


Automated software updates serve a dual purpose: they not only keep your clients' systems up-to-date but also drastically minimize the likelihood of human error during the setup process.

For standard software implementations and updates, such as Office 365 or Adobe Acrobat, the process tends to be routine.

However, if your client operates within an industry that relies heavily on intricate software (like the Autodesk suite used in design sectors), installations can become complex at an alarming rate. Minor add-ons and dependencies, if mishandled, can cause updates to malfunction, thereby destabilizing your client's software ecosystem.

The challenge is further exacerbated by software companies that persistently roll out updates.

This is precisely where a well-crafted set of automated scripts can come to the rescue. They effectively eliminate human error, establishing a reliable installation flow that aligns perfectly with your client's preferences — every single time.

Learn more about how you can request unlimited custom PowerShell scripts for your ConnectWise Automate RMM/CW RMM platforms with our ConnectWise Consulting solutions here: ConnectWise Consulting


Script #5: Compliance


Digital security is a paramount concern not only for MSP clients but also for their end-users.

If you're offering a security product to a user, you're in an advantageous position. Your RMM can assist in maintaining compliance with your MSA by automating a host of fundamental functions. This eliminates the uncertainty around questions like:

"Is BitLocker activated?"

"Was OpenDNS set up correctly?"

"Have we implemented the most recent antivirus update?"

By optimizing their RMM to enforce the compliance standards they've committed to, MSPs can significantly reduce the time spent on endpoint support. In fact, according to Gartner, leveraging endpoint analytics and automation will enable digital workplace service staff to repurpose 30% of their time from endpoint support and repair to continuous engineering.

At MSP+OS, our focus on compliance extends beyond just security. We advocate for a comprehensive examination of your RMM, regularly assessing compliance across the entire environment, ranging from Automate access for your tier-one technicians to auditing your SQL database.


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