Revolutionizing Strategy
with On-Demand Expertise

In the rapidly evolving world of business, where technological advancements and strategic insights define success, On-Demand Coaching and Consulting has emerged as a game-changer. Why? Because time is of the essence and immediate access to seasoned professionals can catalyze transformative changes.

Expertise, When You Need It

 On-Demand Consulting isn't just about seeking 

It's about capitalizing on expert insights, drawing upon seasoned wisdom, and turning visions into executable realities. Whether it's a glitch in a CPQ system, a leadership challenge, or navigating an acquisition, our experts are poised to guide you. 

It's about saving time, investing in rapid growth, and finding answers - not learning from failure.

We're Seriously Certified.

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Strategic Coaching

 Unlock your leadership potential with personalized 1:1 
 coaching tailored to executive and leadership roles. 

Elevate leadership efficacy with one-on-one coaching sessions specifically crafted for executives and leadership personnel. Harness the power of dedicated time slots to delve deep into bespoke strategies that foster leadership brilliance.


Systems Consulting

 Transform your operational efficiency with our specialized systems consulting. 

Optimize operational flow with acute systems consulting. With a focus on integrations and the finetuning of existing tools, our experts guide you towards achieving congruence between your tech systems and overarching business objectives.


Mergers & Acquisitions

 Navigating the complex waters of M&A requires precision, foresight, and expert guidance. 

In the intricate domain of M&A, achieve assured transitions backed by sharp insights and a forward-thinking approach. The synergy of our consultants ensures that your M&A initiatives are marked by value addition, cultural cohesiveness, and avenues for future expansion.

Why would I invest in outside coaches and consultants, when I can  hire an internal team of  experts? 

Consider the narrative of hiring in-house: recruitments, trainings, salaries, benefits, and the intricate nuances of people management. Outsourcing specific skill-based roles is not just a cost-saving strategy, but a value-driven decision.

A study by Deloitte underscores that businesses can achieve up to 60% savings in operational expenses when outsourcing tasks demanding specialized skills.

🔍 Diving into the Numbers:

Average Annual Cost To Hire Internally: $103,915

Average Annual Cost To Outsource With MSP+OS: $50,000

Sources: SHRM Human Capital Benchmarking Report & Training Magazine's Training Industry Report, 2019.


We totally get it.

Identifying the specific areas where improvement is needed can be challenging. Especially when you are deeply involved in your own operations.

 This is where MSP+OS can provide valuable expertise. 

As consultants, we bring an experienced and objective perspective to your business. Our team will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your current systems, operations, and processes. By gaining a deep understanding of your business, we can identify potential blind spots or inefficiencies that may not be apparent from an internal standpoint. 

 Once we identify areas for improvement, we work collaboratively with your team to create a plan of action.  

This includes strategic recommendations, introducing supporting third-party apps, and providing training and education to upskill your team for efficient day-to-day operations.