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N-Able N-Central is a powerful RMM tool, but only if your team is leveraging all of the capabilities and features. Is that simple and easy to do? Absolutely not.

As a team of 75+ Consultants, we have already attempted every possible configuration to find what works best. We have seen thousands of RMM instances. We know there is only ONE way to go about system optimization efficiently, and it's following our Proven Process.

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Start With Discovery
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Proven Process Development
Designed for your company

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Process Adherence
Long-term success starts now


At MSP+OS, we understand that time is a valuable asset in the dynamic world of Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM). Our team of experienced consultants is committed to delivering customized, innovative solutions that streamline your RMM processes and eradicate needless experimentation. Our focus is to free up your time for what's truly important - your business growth.

By partnering with us, you'll leverage a treasure trove of knowledge, strategies, and insights specifically aimed at amplifying efficiency and productivity within your RMM operations. We are not just another consultancy; we're your collaborator in maximizing time efficiency and driving success in RMM.

  • Accelerated RMM Optimization: Our consultants rapidly pinpoint areas in your RMM processes that need improvement, enabling you to make informed decisions and implement changes more quickly.
  • Efficient RMM Resource Allocation: Concentrate on your core business functions while we tackle intricate RMM challenges, maximizing the value of your time and resources.
  • Faster RMM Adaptation: Stay abreast of RMM industry trends and changes by leveraging our expertise, ensuring your business remains flexible and competitive in the RMM landscape.


Proactive Client Services: Quicktech can now effectively filter out false alerts, allowing them to proactively detect and address issues as they arise in client networks, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Efficiency & Productivity: Under MSP+OS's expert guidance, Quicktech has successfully automated and offloaded numerous manual tasks, leading to a marked increase in efficiency and productivity for their service technicians.

Smooth Hand-off to End Users: Dustin praised Quicktech's new scripts and monitors as "thoroughly detailed and documented," resulting in effortless service tech training and deployment.


Elevate Membership Included

We have helped thousands of technology leaders implement tested and proven solutions; "Proven Processes"
Our team has built a "Proven Processes" library, tying together 30+ years of experience with ConnectWise systems and products
As a team of 40+ consultants, we provide access to all of our 'Proven Processes" included with an Improvement Project
Phase #1

Project Management & Planning 

Project Management: In this phase, we initiate a thorough project management process, setting up objectives, timelines, and milestones to ensure the successful completion of your N-Able N-Central Improvement Project.

Meetings & Reporting: We schedule regular meetings and reporting sessions throughout the discovery phase to keep all stakeholders informed and aligned, enabling smooth collaboration and timely adjustments as needed.

Communication & Project Management: We establish clear channels of communication and utilize effective project management tools to facilitate efficient coordination between your team and our consultants, ensuring timely responses and seamless execution.

Planning & Reports: During the project management and planning phase, we gather and analyze essential information about your business, IT environment, and N-Able N-Central RMM setup. Based on this analysis, we develop detailed planning documents and reports outlining recommended optimization strategies and next steps to improve your RMM experience.

Phase #2


Discovery Phase: This is the introductory stage of the project where we gain a comprehensive understanding of your business. This includes the history of your company, your business structure, your current methods of service delivery, and your expectations from the project. We confirm the submission of required credentials and schedule a second discovery call within the first 30 days to ensure all necessary information has been gathered.

Audit Work: Our experienced consultants will conduct a technical audit of your current RMM setup. This includes verifying your Windows Server OS Version, checking if your server split configuration is hosted, confirming that resources meet the necessary requirements (RAM, CPU, and Drive Space for On-Prem), and verifying your RMM Version is up-to-date. We'll review your SSL setup, Firewall configuration, installed plugins, and ensure best practices are in place for password management and access in N-Central.

Discussion Stage: In this stage, we focus on identifying what aspects of your current setup are working well and what areas need improvement. We review your patching compliance and schedules, ticketing and alerting routes, and the application of service plans and monitors. We'll discuss your hardware and virtualization monitoring setup, aiming to gain a complete understanding of your existing system.

Technical Review: Following the audit and discussions, we'll review all findings and highlight areas of improvement. This detailed review will offer insights into how your Automate setup can be optimized further.

Project Planning: Based on the prioritized changes from the technical review, we'll develop a comprehensive project plan. This includes scheduling regular calls for continuous collaboration and aligning on each step to ensure efficient and effective improvements to your N-Central RMM environment.

Phase #3

Alerting & Monitoring  

System Configuration: Adjust the max running scripts value to a minimum of 3000 or calculate the max by multiplying the total number of agents by 3. This setting can be found under System > Dashboard > Config > VNC / Ticket Priority.


Plugins: Get rid of any disabled or unused plugins.Install and enable the following plugins:

  • Ignite Manager
  • Core Management Pack
  • Database Management Pack
  • Messaging Management Pack
  • Active Directory plugin
  • Active Directory Remote plugin
  • Report Center plugin
  • Standards and Health Plugin
  • Virtualization - Hyper-V Remote Agent
  • Virtualization - VMWare Remote Agent
  • Virtualization Manager
  • Web Control Center Config

Install or update any additional plugins for AV or solutions required by the Client.

Agent Template:
For the Default Template, ensure all fields are set to ENABLE and properly configured. In the Branding and Display Text sections, set custom values according to the company's preferences. For Managed 24x7 and Managed 8x5 templates, adjust the Branding settings appropriately.

Import Extra Data Fields & Alerts: Import both Ticket Categories and Alert Templates as well as Extra Data Fields.

Import Scripts: There's a long list of scripts to be imported. Some of these include scripts for defragmentation, forcing agent updates, checking free space, killing bad processes, removing malware, and many more.

Update Alert Template with Script: Update the alert templates with the relevant scripts. There's a comprehensive list of scripts to match with the appropriate templates.

Import Monitors: Import a variety of monitors like Fragmentation, Free Space Remaining, Missing Drive Clean Up, ESXi Error Event, and more.

Automate Script, Group, and Monitor Setup

  • Update the PSA Plugin Ticket Categories as per instructions.
  • Edit the Onboarding - Partner Script with the provided script IDs and operating systems.
  • Remove the 'Get Product Keys' script and run the Server Onboarding Patching Reboot Phase Script.
  • Create 'Searches' using specified criteria. There's a list of searches to be created based on different parameters.
  • Create MSP+OS Groups based on the provided guidelines. This includes creating root-level groups and subgroups with specific names and configurations.
Phase #4

Schedule Scripts & Monitor Changes   

Schedule Scripts: You are scheduling a variety of scripts. Some will run weekly, others daily, and some on an hourly basis. The different scripts are being scheduled to do the following tasks:

  • Monitor admin credentials: This will help ensure that only authorized individuals are making changes to the system.
  • Obtain Windows License Status: This is a crucial step to ensure that the system remains compliant with software licensing rules.
  • Obtain Windows 10 Build Version: This will help track the version and build of Windows 10 being used, aiding in troubleshooting and compatibility issues.
  • Monitor Windows Firewall Profiles: This is a crucial step in ensuring that the system remains secure.
  • Monitor Windows Local Accounts: This will help track and manage user accounts within the system.
  • Internal Monitor Repair: This script helps maintain the internal monitors, ensuring they remain functional and accurate.

Group Monitor Changes
: This process involves both the addition of new monitors and changes to existing monitors. You're adding a remote monitor to all agents to track if a specific process is running and altering the settings for several internal monitors to adjust how they report and respond to specific conditions. The specific services you enable and disable under Ignite Manager Core Services and Ignite Manager Messaging will also influence the performance and reporting of the monitored systems.

Improvement Wrap Up - Internal offline work by MSP+OS: This phase is a comprehensive review and reflection on the project, examining how well it achieved its objectives and how satisfied the client is with the results. It's an opportunity to learn from the process and apply those lessons to future improvements.

Phase #5

Patching & Automation  

Review Patching: Assess current patching scheme and related issues.

Identify Special Needs: Pinpoint unique cases requiring special patching considerations.

Explore New Patching Options: Investigate potential new patching schemes.

Update Searches & Create Groups: Modify existing searches (approvals, installs, reboots) for servers and workstations, and create new groups for MSP+OS patching, including reboot groups.

Develop Approval & Reboot Policies: Formulate new approval policies for default processes, workstations, and servers, as well as reboot policies.

Create Microsoft Update Policies: Establish guidelines for Microsoft updates on workstations and servers.

Adjust Groups & Policies: Implement new patch approval and reboot policies, as well as Microsoft Update policies to the right groups.

Workstation Prep: Ready workstations for new processes.

Windows 10 & Local Account Management: Oversee Windows 10 and local account operations.

Additional Automation Needs: Identify and address any additional areas where automation can be applied to increase efficiency and effectiveness.


Reduced Maintenance Costs: Collaborating with MSP+OS allows you to leverage a team of seasoned consultants, eliminating the need for additional full-time IT staff for system maintenance. On average, clients save $50-$75K annually.

Increased Operational Efficiency: MSP+OS's expertise in automation, system management, and patching processes can streamline your IT operations, freeing your team to focus on core business activities. This typically results in a 15%-25% improvement in operational efficiency.

Enhanced Client Satisfaction and Retention: The superior IT management provided by a finely-tuned N-Central RMM setup allows your team to deliver exceptional service to your clients, leading to increased satisfaction and client retention rates. Most clients witness a 25% - 40% boost in retention.


"How do you know an Improvement Project is right for me, you haven't assessed my system?"

As part of our sales process, we will arrange an Explore Session between your team and one of our N-Central RMM Experts. During this session, which will be conducted via a screen-sharing platform, the expert will review your system in detail.

This collaborative review is aimed at ensuring that an Improvement Project aligns optimally with your company's needs and objectives. It's an essential step to make sure we're providing the most suitable and effective solution for your business.

“It will be easier to work with N-Central directly for consulting and implementing.”
You can work directly with the N-Central Professional Services Team. However, it's worth noting that their approach typically aligns with an idealistic "perfect world" scenario. MSP+OS, on the other hand, offers a more pragmatic approach that is grounded in real-world experiences. Our consultants have an extensive track record of "been there and done that", not merely possessing product expertise. We understand the challenges and nuances of implementing solutions in diverse, dynamic environments.
"We would love to re-prioritize some of the phases, as we have a big fire right now in sales. Can we do that?"

The structure of our Improvement Project has been thoughtfully designed to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. While some sessions can be adjusted, it's crucial that we review, modify, and finalize the foundational elements before addressing sales, service, or finance. This sequential approach is necessary to prevent potential disruptions.

Jumping around the platform without adhering to this structure can lead to additional work, and may risk disrupting existing workflows or generating inaccurate reports. Therefore, it's essential to follow the designed path of our Improvement Project for the most successful outcome.

"I need this project done in three months. Can we speed up the timeline?"

Given that this is a fixed-fee project, the pace at which we proceed is entirely in your hands—you can choose to go as quickly or as slowly as you prefer. However, experience has taught us that completing an Improvement Project in under six months is often not feasible.

The rationale behind this is that changing habits, particularly in a professional context, is not an overnight process. It takes time for individuals to unlearn less efficient habits and adopt improved ones. For long-term success, it's crucial that your team adheres consistently to better processes, and this transition requires patience and time. Thus, a six-month timeline is a more realistic expectation for the completion of an Improvement Project.

"How does this work for companies looking to acquire multiple businesses in a single year?"

Our approach involves stepping in promptly and making improvements to establish a standardized methodology or a "one way of doing things in a single instance". As your business grows and acquires new entities, you can conveniently re-engage with MSP+OS to facilitate the training of new staff and align them with the established standard procedures.

To achieve this alignment, we offer a variety of service options including a migration project, a block of time, or our virtual admin services. Each option is designed to cater to your specific needs, ensuring a smooth integration of new staff into your existing processes and maintaining consistency in your operations.

"Do you gave any discounts or financing options?"

We offer a variety of discounts for clients who participate in case studies or are part of peer groups. These discounts are our way of appreciating your collaboration and commitment to mutual growth.

Moreover, we understand that budgeting is essential for every business. Therefore, we provide progress billing for all our projects, including a flexible 5-pay option to ease your financial planning.

Please reach out to your sales representative to inquire about the discounts available for you. We're committed to providing you the best possible services in the most budget-friendly manner.