Welcome to Sierra Pacific Group's comprehensive guide on maximizing the value of our services for your business. In this guide, we will cover key aspects that are essential for a successful partnership with Sierra Pacific Group. 

Hi there 👋 - Welcome to Sierra Pacific Group!

We greatly appreciate your business, and want to ensure you get the most out of your engagement with us. That’s why we created this guide — it details best practices for leveraging our services to the max. 

This “getting started” guide will detail the following information:

  • What to expect in the first few weeks
  • Why ‘Project Champions’ are key to the SPG/client relationship
  • The role of “homework assignments”
  • Why transparent communication is critical to successful outcomes

- Chris Langley-Burr, Project Manager at Sierra Pacific Group


Fill out the form to update your file.

Simply submit the full name and email address for the Billing Contact for your company.

Once submitted, our accounting team will send an email to the billing contact with instructions to pay your first invoice through the Wise-Pay payment portal. Your portal will be your main resource for payments going forward!



The Project Champion is the primary point of contact at your company.

The Project Champion facilitates seamless communication between the consulting firm and the company, promoting clarity and understanding at every step.

The Project Champion ensures that the overall goals for your company are clearly stated, while our team crafts a comprehensive plan to align the system configuration work to meet those goals, guaranteeing a focused and targeted approach throughout the project.

The Project Champion is the source of truth for their team, responsible for holding your company team members accountable for their part - showing up to calls and making decisions.

After project completion, the project champion ensures a smooth transition, incorporating the consulting firm's recommendations into day-to-day operations for sustainable long-term success.


  • Accountability: The project champion takes ownership of project milestones and deliverables, ensuring that both the consulting firm and the company are held accountable for their respective roles.
  • Decision-making: With a deep understanding of the company's internal workings, the project champion plays a key role in decision-making, guiding the consulting firm with relevant insights and considerations.
  • Cross-functional coordination: In large organizations, the project champion bridges the gap between different departments, fostering collaboration and ensuring a cohesive approach to project implementation.
  • Resource allocation: By coordinating resources and personnel, the project champion optimizes efficiency, making sure the right people are involved at the right time to maximize productivity.
Proven Process

Proven Process
When we design solutions for clients, we don't just follow best practices, we implement proven processes.

It's the Project Champion's job to ensure adherence.

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions
We provide documentation on standard operations and policies. However, each client is unique and may require edits and customizations.

It's the Project Champion's job to customize documentation.

Change Management

Change Management
During the project, we promote acceptance and adoption of processes and systems to all support staff .

It's the Project Champion's job to create a steering comittee.


Fill out the form to update your file.

Simply submit the full name and email address for the Project Champion for your company.

Once you have submitted information for your Project Champion our Operations Team will reach out to your assigned PC to schedule an Onboarding Call to discuss project phases and important project tickets!


Effective communication is the cornerstone of a successful collaboration between clients and SPG.

When clients partner with SPG, particularly when C-level executives seek improved forecasting and reporting in their PSA/CPQ/RMM environment, clear and open communication becomes paramount.

At SPG, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals and overcome challenges. To accomplish this, we rely on a collaborative approach where clients actively participate in the consulting process. However, we have noticed that if clients don't come to our meetings fully equipped with all their pain points and challenges, it can hinder our ability to provide comprehensive solutions.

  • Transparent and proactive communication empowers us to address all aspects of our client's business.
  • By sharing your pain points and insights, you become an integral part of the solution-finding process, driving meaningful change within your organization.
  • At SPG, we value collaborative partnerships and believe that effective communication is the key to unlocking your organization's full potential.
  • Together, we can work towards optimizing your systems and achieving your business objectives. 
Collaborative Dialogue
Collaborative Dialogue
Consulting is not a one-way street. Both the consultant and the client bring valuable insights to the table. By facilitating a collaborative dialogue, we can leverage collective intelligence, resulting in more innovative and holistic solutions.
Trust & Transparency
Trust & Transparency
Trust is the bedrock of any successful consulting relationship. Transparent communication fosters trust, ensuring that both parties have a clear understanding of the project's goals, potential challenges, and expected outcomes.
Alignment & Wisdom
Alignment & Wisdom
Effective communication during a consulting engagement is not just about conveying information but also about building relationships, ensuring alignment, and leveraging the collective wisdom of both consultant and client. 


We know you are excited to start your project. Let's go over the importance of the Client Portal for ticket management and submission.

When you setup your Client Portal, you can view, submit, and manage tickets. Check out our video!



At SPG, we prioritize the success and efficiency of our clients' projects, which is why we sometimes assign "homework" to your team.

When we make configuration tweaks on your company's behalf, it may require some cleanup and reformatting of existing tickets to align with the new service boards. This data entry task becomes the homework assignment for our clients, and it's a crucial step in the process of modifying systems.

However, if you have purchased Virtual Administrationas a bundled service to run along side your project, this homework can be delegated to your assigned VA! 

This is where, once again, the project champion is critical. 

Someone needs to be in charge of knowing how they want us to complete those tickets. 

The project champion doesn’t have to be on every single call, but they need to inhabit the role of project manager on the client side. These efforts are crucial, as we can’t move forward without successful cleanup. 

The Immediate Drawbacks of Falling Behind on Your Homework:

Here’s the issue: When clients don’t complete their homework, projects slow down dramatically. That roadblock is immediately clear when we jump on calls and our time is underutilized.

There isn’t much to talk about when old work is still clogging the pipeline. 

Everything in our sphere of work is connected. One change leads to consequences for an entirely separate area of the system. That’s why we're picky.

We create more work for the client if we proceed without checking all of our boxes first. 

Plus, when a project that takes one year stretches to a year and a half, it inherently gets messier. People forget about work they did months ago — much less a year ago. 

Maximum Productivity
Maximum Productivity
When clients complete their homework, consultants can arrive at the session armed with the relevant insights, allowing for focused discussions and targeted problem-solving.
Consulting Continuity
Consulting Continuity
Homework serves as a thread that connects one session to the next, creating a sense of progression and continuity in the consulting engagement.
Empowerment & Ownership
Empowerment & Ownership
By completing their homework, clients actively engage in the consulting process and take ownership of their organization's growth and improvement.


We know you are excited to start looking through documentation - so let's get logged in to our library.

Set up your Elevate Membership to access training guides, 'how-to' videos, and best practices. You can save documents to your dashboard, and share links with team members!



How long will the systems improvement project take?

The duration of the project can vary depending on its complexity and your specific needs. We will provide a detailed project timeline after the initial assessment.

Typically, it takes about 8-12 months on average!

Who will be my main point of contact during the project?
You will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will be your main point of contact throughout the project.
How often will I get updates on the project’s progress?
We provide weekly updates as standard practice, but the frequency can be adjusted based on your preferences.
What happens if the project encounters delays?
If any delays occur, we will immediately inform you, reassess the timeline, and make the necessary adjustments to get the project back on track.
Will there be any downtime during the systems improvement?
We aim to minimize downtime, and any that is necessary will be scheduled during off-hours to reduce impact on your business operations.
How secure is my data during this process?
Data security is a top priority for us. All data transfers and accesses will be conducted in a secure environment, following industry best practices.
What training will be provided to our team?
We offer comprehensive training sessions to ensure your team is comfortable using the new systems. Training materials and documentation will also be provided.
What kind of post-project support do you offer?
We offer various levels of post-project support, including unlimited virtual systems administration and maintenance packages to ensure your systems continue to operate smoothly.
Can we make changes to the project scope after it has started?
Changes can be made but may affect the project’s timeline and cost. All changes will be thoroughly discussed and documented to ensure clarity and agreement from both parties.
What is the first step after signing the contract?
After signing the contract, you will need to pay any outstanding invoices in your Client Portal. Then, our Project Managers will schedule an Onboarding Call to discuss the project scope, timelines, and deliverables in detail.