Looking for a specific outcome? Our Fixed Fee Projects provide a defined scope, timeline, and deliverables to get you from where you are now -- to where you want to be.

Do You Know What You Want To Achieve, But Not Sure How To Get There?

We perform a complimentary discovery during our sales process to determine specific needs and develop a customized SOW based on outcome and timeline.

Project Management is included, holding our team accountable for results.

If your team is looking to achieve a specific outcome, but "don't know what you don't know" - a fixed fee project may just be the perfect solution.


Improve existing processes & build scalable systems

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  • We begin with a Discovery, analyzing
    functionality, and areas of potential improvement, to design a plan for maximum ROI on people, process, and systems.

  • Our system experts execute on improvements across sales, service, and finance processes, with a goal of reducing complexity & enhancing operational efficiency.

  • We meet weekly to provide updates on progress and customize best practices to your company's unique needs.


ConnectWise Automate RMM Improvement Project

Our RMM Improvement Projects provide processes to maximize time efficiency and drive business growth. We identify inefficiencies and accelerate RMM optimization, streamline resource allocation, and facilitate quicker adaptation to industry changes.

  • Through tailored solutions like self-healing scripts and automation, our clients have experienced significant efficiency boosts.

  • We provide tailored training sessions, enabling your team to navigate and make the most of the improvements. This helps to expand managed endpoints without needing additional staff.

  • Our proven, systematic approach includes  technical audits, alerting and monitoring upgrades, schedule scripts, and automation of patching processes.


Chart of Accounts Improvement Project

The COA Improvement Project is a comprehensive service aimed at refining and optimizing your business's financial management system. Leveraging our years of expertise in financial systems and ConnectWise solutions, we've devised a plan to streamline accounting workflows for financial clarity.

  • In-depth analysis of your existing financial system, followed by designing a bespoke chart of accounts and product catalog.

  • We implement the updated system, changes to the Chart of Accounts, QuickBooks/ConnectWise PSA setups, fine-tune based on rigorous testing and feedback.

  • We provide a report of changes, data backup, and process improvements to help you leverage your optimized financial system efficiently.

N-Able N-Central Improvement Project

Our N-Central RMM Improvement Projects offer processes designed to maximize efficiency and stimulate business growth. We detect areas of inefficiency and expedite your RMM's optimization, streamline the distribution of resources, and ease the transition to the ever-changing landscape of the industry.

  • Self-healing scripts and sophisticated automation provide clients remarkable improvements in efficiency.

  • Enhance retention and increase managed endpoints, all without the necessity for additional personnel.

  • Technical audits, upgrades to alerting/monitoring, scheduling of scripts, and automation of patch management processes. 




ConnectWise Manage PSA Service Clean Up

At Sierra Pacific Group, we acknowledge the value of an efficient and effective Professional Services Automation (PSA) system. We're proud to present our PSA Spring Cleaning Project, a comprehensive program dedicated to revamping and optimizing your ConnectWise Manage PSA system.

  • We gain an understanding of your workflows, processes, and system configuration, providing us the groundwork needed to plan for improvements.

  • Our aim is to streamline your service delivery, finance, accounting, and procurement procedures within the ConnectWise Manage system.

  • We believe in empowering your workforce with the knowledge to get the most out of the revised PSA system.


ConnectWise Automate RMM Service Clean Up

At Sierra Pacific Group, we understand that effective remote monitoring and management (RMM) is a cornerstone of successful IT operations. That's why we've designed a RMM Spring Cleaning Project, specifically focusing on your setup and configuration within the ConnectWise Automate system.

  • Our Spring Cleaning Project is crafted to boost proactiveness, ensuring your team harnesses proven process for device management, alert handling, and data capture.

  • By streamlining and enhancing your RMM system, its monitors, scripts, alerts, automation policies, and associated workflows.

  • We strive to provide transparency, efficiency, and accuracy to your IT management operations.


ConnectWise Manage PSA General Ledger Clean Up

Sierra Pacific Group specializes in optimizing and streamlining your financial processes with our General Ledger Clean Up Project. We understand the importance of accurate financial data. Achieve a streamlined, accurate, and efficient financial system that supports informed decision-making and drives your business forward.

  • Our project entails a comprehensive review of your financial information, making adjustments to ensure compliance with industry standards, and implementation of improved processes.
  • With our expertise, you can expect enhanced financial reporting, increased efficiency, and better decision-making capabilities.
  • We conduct thorough testing and auditing to ensure accuracy and seamless integration with your financial systems.


N-Central RMM Service Clean Up

At Sierra Pacific Group, we comprehend the crucial role remote monitoring and management (RMM) plays in the efficacy of IT operations. In line with this understanding, we've developed a unique RMM Spring Cleaning Project, explicitly targeting the configuration and functionality of your N-central RMM system.

  • We focus on establishing standardized procedures for device management, handling alerts, and capturing data. 
  • We delve into the specifics of your N-central RMM system, enhancing and streamlining various components. 
  • We aim to provide you with clear visibility of your IT infrastructure's health, leading to more informed decision-making, more efficient operations, and ultimately, better outcomes.