Client Success Story: Terminal B

Learn how Terminal B increased endpoints by 25% without increasing overhead costs.
Added 156 new endpoints without hiring
Gained ability to handle onsite work remotely
Shaved 2 hours off their desktop set up and delivery process

Terminal B

Industry: Information Technology & Services

Industries Terminal B Serves: Publicly traded companies, international non-profits, pharmaceutical, venture capital, real estate, and financial management firms.

Company Size: 11-30 Employees

Location: Austin, Texas

Services Used: ConnectWise Automate Improvement, RMM Managed Optimization Services


Terminal B is the trusted advisor for Central Texas businesses that require a depth of expertise, accountability, and results from their outsourced information technology services provider. Terminal B provides end-to-end infrastructure consulting and management. We manage data center operations and provide desktop support for small and medium businesses (up to 200 seats). We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and our sweet spot is Microsoft Exchange messaging.

Terminal B increases profitability with Automate, reducing task completion time, and workloads

Terminal B was stuck sifting through false alerts and struggling to keep up with the ConnectWise Automate platform. In addition to grappling with false alerts and lagging Automate platform performance, Terminal B faced another pressing challenge: disparate data silos hindering their ability to streamline operations and extract actionable insights.

Without a centralized system for data management, they struggled with inefficient workflows, redundant tasks, and delayed decision-making processes.

MSP+OS, (formerly Sierra Pacific Group), recognized that Terminal B's growth potential was stunted by these inefficiencies. They intervened with a comprehensive approach, integrating Terminal B's disparate data sources into a unified platform. By implementing tailored integrations and leveraging advanced analytics, MSP+OS enabled Terminal B to harness the power of their data effectively.

This not only enhanced operational efficiency but also empowered Terminal B to make informed strategic decisions rapidly, driving sustainable growth and profitability.

The roadblock


Terminal B's journey towards operational excellence was fraught with challenges stemming from an outdated configuration of ConnectWise Automate. As their service delivery evolved, it became apparent that their existing setup no longer aligned with their needs.

>> Inaccurate alerting mechanisms and inconsistent patch implementation plagued their workflow, leading to a waste of valuable time and resources.

>> The team found themselves mired in a cycle of chasing false alerts, diverting attention from critical tasks and eroding productivity.

>> However, perhaps their most significant frustration lay in the absence of a dedicated resource to oversee and optimize Automate's performance.

Without a designated expert to proactively manage and fine-tune the platform, Terminal B faced the looming threat of recurring issues and stagnation in their journey towards efficiency and profitability.


At MSP+OS (Formerly Sierra Pacific Group) in our RMM Systems Consulting Department, our expertise lies in crafting robust service delivery frameworks and optimizing ConnectWise Automate to drive efficiency and success. Leveraging our deep industry knowledge and hands-on experience, we swiftly stepped in to assist Terminal B in realigning their alerting and monitoring systems to ensure the health of their clients' systems. Through careful analysis, we identified repetitive tasks ripe for automation, empowering Terminal B to streamline their operations and enhance productivity.

As our tailored updates took effect, Terminal B experienced a notable reduction in false-positive alerts and witnessed seamless automation in patching and monitoring processes. With these improvements, Terminal B's confidence in their system was restored, and they began to reap the rewards of enhanced performance and reliability.

However, our partnership with Terminal B extended beyond mere system optimization. Recognizing the evolving landscape of technology, our Automate experts collaborated with Terminal B to develop new automations aimed at streamlining workstation deployment and facilitating the transition to Windows 10, thus avoiding costly and time-consuming on-site visits. This proactive approach not only saved Terminal B valuable resources but also positioned them for continued success in an ever-changing market.



Now Terminal B has an efficiency machine. MSP+OS (formerly Sierra Pacific Group) helped the team adjust their system and replace time consuming processes with automation that can help complete manual tasks faster with automation, and allow their staff to handle more endpoints, increasing profitability. Instead of devoting time to constantly fixing their Automate platform and chasing down false-positive alerts, they are making money on the time Automate saves them.

With corrected alert thresholds, reporting, monitoring, and improved or added automation and scripts, their team is more efficient than ever. Terminal B has been able to increase its total managed endpoints from 850 to 1,006. They are saving about two hours on every desktop deployment and can increase their profitability by saving their techs time. 

Though our major work is over from the RMM Improvement Project, we continue to support Terminal B by owning their platform, keeping it optimized and finely-tuned, and writing them new scripts or setting up new automations as needed under our Managed Optimization Services.

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