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Strategic Information Group

MSP+OS implemented invoicing processes that have streamlined financial processes for Strategic Information Group, ensuring accurate revenue reporting and enhancing client satisfaction.
Improved client satisfaction
Accurate revenue reporting
Saved time and money

Company details

  • Industry: Computer Software
  • Industries Strategic Serves: Life Sciences, Automotive, Electronics, Industrial, Food & Beverage, Consumer, and Start Ups
  • Company Size: 51-300 Employees
  • Location: Cardiff By The Sea, CA
  • Services Used: Accounting & Bookkeeping Done-For-You
  • Website:

Strategic Information Group (Strategic) helps companies achieve their corporate goals with the application of enterprise technology. We specialize in providing proven solutions for a full range of enterprise applications including ERP, CRM, and Quality Management. Strategic works with start-ups, multinationals, and market leaders to implement their systems on time and on budget, helping them maximize the value of their enterprise technology.

Strategic Information Group outsources their invoicing, freeing time, and reducing stress.

Strategic grew rapidly, and their client invoicing tasks grew with them. Though seemingly simple, completing client invoicing every month proved to be a massive undertaking and was distracting their internal team from the important task at hand—continuing to scale. With MSP+OS (formerly Sierra Pacific Group) expert help, they now have a reliable invoicing process, accurate revenue reporting, and the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that things are getting taken care of.

The increased workload led to delays in invoicing, causing revenue to be reported inconsistently and skewing their financial data. Recognizing the need for a more efficient solution, Strategic decided to outsource their invoicing to MSP+OS. This partnership has allowed Strategic to focus on their core business activities, secure timely payments, and maintain accurate financial records, ultimately supporting their continued growth and operational efficiency.

The roadblock


Strategic has a lot of employees and a lot of clients, so invoicing can be a cumbersome task to complete. Their internal finance department was struggling with the increased workload and defining a solid process. These struggles lead to later invoices that caused revenue to be reported a different month then the work was completed in, skewing their financial reporting. Strategic recognized it would be cost-effective to outsource their client invoicing to a partner that knows the ins and outs of invoicing as a technology business and utilizing ConnectWise Manage & Sell.



As ConnectWise and Technology business experts, we immediately understood the frustrations Strategic was experiencing and were able to craft a thorough invoicing process to ensure that they were correct and being sent out and paid on time.  We worked with the Strategic team to make sure this process fit their business; we strive to build customized solutions to the needs of the clients so that our work has longevity, and if for whatever reason they needed to bring invoicing back in the house, they have the tools to do so.



By taking this cumbersome task off of strategic’s plate, they can focus on what matters- growing their business. We give them the peace of mind by ensuring that their clients are getting the right invoice at the right time, in order for them to get paid. Overall, their invoicing process is more efficient, they have accurate reporting of their revenue, and their clients are happy for the quick service and detailed invoices. Knowing when to outsource menial or time-consuming tasks is the hallmark of a smart technology business leader. Though invoicing is a seemingly simple task, outsourcing has had a hugely positive impact and saved money and time, and frustration in the long run.

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