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On Call Computer Solutions

On Call Computer Solutions

  • Industry: IT Services, Cyber Security and Compliance
  • Industries Strategic Serves: Defense
  • Company Size: 10-20 Employees
  • Location: Virgina Beach, VA, Jacksonville & Tallahassee, FL
  • Services Used: Accounting & Bookkeeping 
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On Call Computer Solutions is a recognized provider of Managed IT service services in Virginia and Florida. Their IT service team comprises of qualified IT professionals that include computer network engineers, executive level technology strategists, help desk technicians, CIO level consultants, etc.,

On Call Computer Solutions

On Call Computer Solutions is a managed service company with an additional focus on cyber security and CMMC compliance with multiple offices across the Eastern US. They help their clients avoid being hacked with a "Done For You" approach so their clients can get back to focusing on what's important in their organizations.

Started in 2003,  On Call Computer Solutions is a team of certified professionals that provide a unique, cost-saving approach to technology management. They have a passion for helping small and mid-size businesses, associations, and non-profit organizations reach new levels of success using value-based technologies. 

The roadblock

On Call Computer Solutions was not only dedicated to bringing the best level of service to their clients but, also dedicated to insuring that their finance and accounting needs be outsourced to only the highest recommended accounting firms in the area. It became apparent that they would need a firm with deep expertise and knowledge in the platforms that are essential to a managed service business; in this case the platform is ConnectWise Manage.
On Call Computer Solutions slowly learned that they needed a company with a wider reach for their scaling demands. When searching for the best of both worlds, a firm that came highly recommended with deep expertise in ConnectWise Manage that could provide the necessary services to On Call Computer Solutions; CEO Michael Frieder, came across Sierra Pacific Group. 
After years of dedicated mentoring and training on ConnectWise products, to the their previous outsourced accounting firm, Mike found it would be more cost effective and inline with his company goals to start his outsourced
accounting with us. They needed help with payroll, invoicing, accounts payable, payments in Sell, and ConnectWise Quickbooks integration. Since Sierra Pacific Group has a deep understanding of IT businesses, we were well suited
for their needs. 


Upon engagement with Sierra Pacific group, and after our initial discovery period, we were able to gain a deep understanding of On Call Computer Solutions financial records. We began to prepare their Quickbooks and ConnectWise platforms for growth and scale. We came in with a team approach and re-did their chart of accounts in Quickbooks, as well as the product catalog and GL-mapping in ConnectWise. We also streamlined the way their quotes were flowing into ConnectWise. We were able to do two major clean ups to the operational reporting and the financial reporting. 

After meeting with his Acquisition Advisors, On Call Computer Solution's CEO, Mike Frieder had some concerns with the way his financial revenue was being reported . The firm he was engaging with requested that the data be presented in a different format, something that Mike did not have expertise with, nor did he have the time to do himself. 

We stepped in and began reviewing the financials and making adjustments to the way that revenue was being reported. Sierra Pacific Group ultimately discovered a large amount of monthly growth that wasn't accounted for. This was a monumental discovery for the company and a big plus for investors!

Ultimately Sierra Pacific Group was able to complete the accounting project in just a matter of weeks, prepare the information in a way that the Investors found suitable and helped to present On Call Computer as a viable candidate for acquisition.



On Call Computer Solutions CEO Mike Frieder reports that with the quality and consistent bookkeeping he's receiving from Sierra Pacific Group, his business has more than doubled! By outsourcing his accounting, he and his team can focus on their next step: getting acquired.

"SPG has given me tremendous peace of mind. They are there to help me in my long game. SPG has made me a better CEO." -Mike Freider 

SPG was able to uncover $38,000 in revenue that was not properly accounted for. We were able to go back in time, clean up the books, and provide financial information in a way that would be palatable for future investors in a matter of weeks. Something that would have taken the prior outsourced accounting firm several months to complete.

Sierra Pacific Group saved the company time, provided accuracy of information, and reduced costs. Outsourcing has had a hugely positive impact on Mike and On Call Computer Solutions, and now at his current revenue levels he is primed to sell the company. 

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