ConnectWise Manage PSA Improvement Project

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After 15 Years of System Optimization, We Know What Works!

ConnectWise is a powerful tool, but only if your team is leveraging all of the capabilities and features. Is that simple and easy to do? Absolutely not.

As a team of 40+ ConnectWise Consultants, we have already attempted every possible configuration to find what works best. We have seen thousands of PSA instances. We know there is only ONE way to go about system optimization efficiently, and it's following our Proven Process.

proven process


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Start With Discovery                    Adjust the good stuff

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Proven Process Development        Designed for your company

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Mentoring & Process Adherence Long-term success starts now

Time: The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

At MSP+OS (formerly Sierra Pacific Group), we recognize that time is a crucial asset in the ever-evolving business world. Our team of skilled consultants is here to offer tailored, forward-thinking solutions that streamline your processes and eliminate unnecessary trial and error. We're all about helping you focus on what's truly important - your business growth.

By collaborating with us, you'll tap into a wealth of knowledge, strategies, and insights designed to enhance efficiency and productivity, giving you a competitive edge. We're not just another consultancy firm; we're your partner in maximizing time and embracing success.


  • Accelerated Decision-Making: Our consultants quickly identify areas for improvement, allowing you to make informed decisions and implement changes faster.
  • Efficient Resource Allocation: Focus on your core business functions while we tackle complex challenges, maximizing the value of your time and resources
  • Faster Adaptation: Keep up with industry trends and changes by leveraging our expertise, ensuring your business remains agile and competitive.



Kotori accelerated ticket resolution from 5 days to 48 hours with automated workflows.

The goal of the PSA Improvement Project was to transform the "monster" into a powerful and organized tool that would empower Kotori's team to deliver exceptional service with the help of automation. An added benefit: accelerated business growth. The ability to take on more clients without having to hire additonal staff. Not to mention taking advantage of the automation capabilities ConnectWise Manage PSA tool has to offer, resulting in a ROI on the tool subscription cost!

  • Workflows improved SLA from 5 days to 48 hours
  • Went from double digit service board to single digits


KRS Increased client retention by 40% with the implementation of streamlined workflows and standardized procedures.

Since the completion of our PSA Improvement Project, KRS has been able to deliver a more consistent and reliable service to clients. This enhanced service quality has led to increased client satisfaction, and in turn, higher client retention rates. Clients are more likely to stay with KRS due to their trust in the company's ability to effectively manage and resolve incidents, which ultimately contributes to the MSP's long-term success and growth.

  • Maintained CSAT above 90% from systematic service delivery
  • With ticket prioritization & expected resolution times, KRS IT increased client retention by 40%

Bayou Tech

Bayou Technologies saved $50,000 annually, and achieved a 200% ROI with System Optimization and Virtual Administration.

Bayou Tech needed a comprehensive solution to make the most of their ConnectWise Manage PSA. This is where Sierra Pacific Group stepped in, providing the missing link: "hands-on" configuration, expertise, administration, and support necessary to help Bayou Tech overcome their software challenges and unlock the full potential of their ConnectWise investment.

  • Workflows reduced manual efforts by 20 hours weekly
  • Saved $50k annually with Virtual Administration 


We have helped thousands of technology leaders implement tested and proven solutions; "Proven Processes"

Our team has built a "Proven Processes" library, tying together 30+ years of experience with ConnectWise systems and products

ITIL Certified and Certified ConnectWise Partners, we provide access to all of our 'Proven Processes" included with an Improvement Project


Summer Camps

Phase #1


Project Management: In this phase, we initiate a thorough project management process, setting up objectives, timelines, and milestones to ensure the successful completion of your ConnectWise PSA Improvement Project.

Meetings & Reporting: We schedule regular meetings and reporting sessions throughout the discovery phase to keep all stakeholders informed and aligned, enabling smooth collaboration and timely adjustments as needed.

Communication & Project Management: We establish clear channels of communication and utilize effective project management tools to facilitate efficient coordination between your team and our consultants, ensuring timely responses and seamless execution.

Planning & Reports: During the discovery phase, we gather and analyze essential information about your business, IT environment, and ConnectWise setup. Based on this analysis, we develop detailed planning documents and reports outlining recommended optimization strategies and next steps to improve your ConnectWise experience.

Phase #2

Structure & Core Settings  

Chart of Accounts: We help you create and organize your Chart of Accounts within ConnectWise, ensuring a clear and accurate representation of your financial data for better decision-making and reporting.

Company Structure: We analyze and optimize your company structure within ConnectWise, aligning departments, teams, and individuals for improved communication, collaboration, and overall operational efficiency.

Work Roles, Types & Charge Codes: We assist in setting up and refining work roles, types, and charge codes within ConnectWise, enabling accurate resource allocation, streamlined billing processes, and precise tracking of labor costs.

Agreements & Types: We help you configure and manage agreements and types in ConnectWise to streamline your contract administration, ensuring accurate invoicing, service delivery tracking, and improved client relationships.

Product Catalog: We support you in developing and maintaining a comprehensive product catalog in ConnectWise, facilitating efficient quoting, procurement, and inventory management for your IT products and services.

Company Types & Statuses: We aid in organizing and categorizing your clients, vendors, and prospects within ConnectWise using company types and statuses, simplifying segmentation and targeted communication for improved customer engagement.

Finance Clean Up: We assist you in reviewing and cleaning up financial data within ConnectWise, correcting errors, and ensuring data consistency for reliable financial reporting and analysis.

GL Mapping Updates: We help you set up and maintain accurate GL mapping within ConnectWise, ensuring seamless integration with your accounting system and precise financial data synchronization for efficient financial management.

Phase #3

Service Set Up & Processes  

Service Kick Off: We begin with a Service Kick Off meeting to introduce our team, set expectations, and discuss project goals, ensuring a strong foundation for a successful partnership and ConnectWise Manage PSA Improvement Project.

Members and Security Roles: We assist you in defining and setting up member accounts and appropriate security roles within ConnectWise Manage PSA, ensuring proper access and permissions for your team while maintaining data security and compliance.

SLAs: We help you configure and manage Service Level Agreements (SLAs) within ConnectWise Manage PSA, ensuring timely and efficient service delivery that meets your clients' expectations and supports strong client relationships.

Service Desk Module: We provide guidance and support in optimizing the Service Desk module within ConnectWise Manage PSA, streamlining ticket management, resource allocation, and issue resolution for improved customer support and satisfaction.

Project Module: We help you enhance the Project module within ConnectWise Manage PSA, enabling better project planning, tracking, and execution, ensuring on-time and on-budget delivery of your IT projects and services.

Time Review Process: We assist you in establishing an effective time review process within ConnectWise Manage PSA, ensuring accurate time tracking, labor cost management, and efficient resource utilization for improved project and service delivery outcomes.

Configurations: We guide you in setting up and managing configurations within ConnectWise Manage PSA, helping you maintain an organized and up-to-date inventory of your clients' IT assets and infrastructure for efficient service delivery and support.

Service Training: We provide comprehensive training on the ConnectWise Manage PSA platform, equipping your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to fully utilize the system and deliver exceptional IT services to your clients.

Customer Portal: We help you configure and optimize the ConnectWise Customer Portal, empowering your clients with self-service capabilities, streamlined communication, and enhanced visibility into their service requests and project status.

Phase #4

Finance, Accounting & Procurement   

Accounting & Procurement Kick Off: We initiate the Accounting & Procurement Kick Off by discussing key objectives, outlining the scope, and setting expectations for the optimization process to ensure seamless integration of accounting and procurement functions within ConnectWise.

Invoicing: We assist you in configuring and optimizing invoicing within ConnectWise, streamlining billing processes, improving accuracy, and enhancing cash flow management for your IT business.

Procurement: We guide you in setting up and managing procurement processes within ConnectWise, facilitating efficient purchasing, order tracking, and vendor management to ensure timely delivery of products and services to your clients.

Expenses: We help you configure and track expenses within ConnectWise, enabling precise cost management, accurate financial reporting, and informed decision-making for your IT business.

Sales Orders: We support you in optimizing sales order management within ConnectWise, ensuring efficient order processing, fulfillment, and tracking to enhance your overall sales operations and client satisfaction.

Finance Reporting: We provide guidance on setting up and utilizing financial reporting capabilities within ConnectWise, offering insights into your business's financial health and enabling data-driven decision-making for sustainable growth.

Accounting Integrations: We help you seamlessly integrate ConnectWise with your existing accounting system, ensuring accurate data synchronization, streamlined financial processes, and improved financial management across your IT business.

GL Mapping Updates: We assist you in setting up and maintaining accurate GL mapping within ConnectWise, ensuring a smooth integration with your accounting system and precise financial data synchronization for efficient financial management.

Phase #5

Quoting & Sales  

Sales Kick Off: We start the Sales Kick Off by discussing objectives, outlining the scope, and setting expectations for the optimization process to ensure seamless integration of sales functions within ConnectWise.

Sales Set Up & Processes: We assist you in configuring and refining your sales setup and processes within ConnectWise, streamlining lead management, opportunity tracking, and sales pipeline management for increased sales efficiency and effectiveness.

Sales Reporting: We provide guidance on setting up and utilizing sales reporting capabilities within ConnectWise, offering insights into your sales performance and enabling data-driven decision-making for sustainable growth.

CW Sell Kick Off (optional): If you're using ConnectWise Sell, we initiate a dedicated kick-off meeting to discuss objectives, outline the scope, and set expectations for the optimization process, ensuring a seamless integration with your ConnectWise ecosystem.

Settings: We help you configure and optimize the settings within ConnectWise Sell, aligning the platform with your business requirements, sales processes, and workflows for improved sales efficiency.

Quoting Training: We provide comprehensive training on ConnectWise Sell's quoting capabilities, equipping your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to create, manage, and deliver accurate and professional quotes to your clients.

Quote Templates: We assist you in developing and customizing quote templates within ConnectWise Sell, ensuring a consistent and professional appearance that aligns with your brand identity and enhances client experience.

Quoting Lifecycle: We guide you in optimizing the quoting lifecycle within ConnectWise Sell, from quote creation to approval, and final delivery, streamlining the process for increased efficiency and faster quote turnaround times.

Advanced Features: We help you leverage advanced features within ConnectWise Sell, such as integration with third-party tools, automated workflows, and real-time pricing and availability, to further enhance your sales processes and client experience.


In today's competitive IT and MSP landscape, optimizing your ConnectWise environment is crucial for maximizing efficiency, streamlining operations, and driving growth.

A comprehensive ConnectWise Manage PSA Improvement Project with Sierra Pacific Group (SPG) offers expert guidance, customization, training, and ongoing support tailored to your unique business needs. By partnering with SPG, you can seamlessly integrate ConnectWise with your existing systems, enhance productivity, and achieve a high return on investment. 


  • Gain A Competitive Advantage
  • Encourage Sustainable Growth
  • Measure KPIs For Productivity And Impact
  • Systemize Your Service Delivery For Efficiency And Quality
  • Increase Profit While Reducing Workloads

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I want system improvement,
but where's the ROI?

Revolutionize Your Bottom Line: By harnessing our expertise, you eliminate the need for costly in-house hires and continuous staff training. Our clients typically see labor cost savings in the ballpark of $50-$75K per year. That's not just savings; it's capital you can reinvest to fuel your growth.

Amplify Customer Loyalty: Nothing spells success like satisfied and loyal customers. We help clients see an impressive surge in customer satisfaction and retention rates, between 27% - 43%

Maximize Data Accuracy: Our projects focus on increasing data accuracy within your ConnectWise system. Through stringent data validation processes and continuous system audits, we've helped our clients achieve up to a 95% reduction in data discrepancies, ensuring you make decisions based on the most reliable information.

Any Questions? Here are the most common:

"How do you know an Improvement Project is right for me, you haven't assessed my system?"

As part of our sales process, we will arrange an Explore Session between your team and one of our ConnectWise Manage/Sell Experts. During this session, which will be conducted via a screen-sharing platform, the expert will review your system in detail.

This collaborative review is aimed at ensuring that an Improvement Project aligns optimally with your company's needs and objectives. It's an essential step to make sure we're providing the most suitable and effective solution for your business.

“It will be easier to work with ConnectWise directly for consulting and implementing.”
You can work directly with the ConnectWise Professional Services Team. However, it's worth noting that their approach typically aligns with an idealistic "perfect world" scenario. Sierra Pacific Group (SPG), on the other hand, offers a more pragmatic approach that is grounded in real-world experiences. Our consultants have an extensive track record of "been there and done that", not merely possessing product expertise. We understand the challenges and nuances of implementing solutions in diverse, dynamic environments.
"We would love to re-prioritize some of the phases, as we have a big fire right now in sales. Can we do that?"

The structure of our Improvement Project has been thoughtfully designed to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. While some sessions can be adjusted, it's crucial that we review, modify, and finalize the foundational elements before addressing sales, service, or finance. This sequential approach is necessary to prevent potential disruptions.

Jumping around the platform without adhering to this structure can lead to additional work, and may risk disrupting existing workflows or generating inaccurate reports. Therefore, it's essential to follow the designed path of our Improvement Project for the most successful outcome.

"I need this project done in three months. Can we speed up the timeline?"

Given that this is a fixed fee project, the pace at which we proceed is entirely in your hands—you can choose to go as quickly or as slowly as you prefer. However, experience has taught us that completing an Improvement Project in under six months is often not feasible.

The rationale behind this is that changing habits, particularly in a professional context, is not an overnight process. It takes time for individuals to unlearn less efficient habits and adopt improved ones. For long-term success, it's crucial that your team adheres consistently to better processes, and this transition requires patience and time. Thus, a six-month timeline is a more realistic expectation for the completion of an Improvement Project.

"How does this work for companies looking to acquire multiple businesses in a single year?"

Our approach involves stepping in promptly and making improvements to establish a standardized methodology or a "one way of doing things in a single instance". As your business grows and acquires new entities, you can conveniently re-engage with the Sierra Pacific Group (SPG) to facilitate the training of new staff and align them with the established standard procedures.

To achieve this alignment, we offer a variety of service options including a migration project, a block of time, or our virtual admin services. Each option is designed to cater to your specific needs, ensuring a smooth integration of new staff into your existing processes and maintaining consistency in your operations.

"Do you gave any discounts or financing options?"

We offer a variety of discounts for clients who participate in case studies or are part of peer groups. These discounts are our way of appreciating your collaboration and commitment to mutual growth.

Moreover, we understand that budgeting is essential for every business. Therefore, we provide progress billing for all our projects, including a flexible 5-pay option to ease your financial planning.

Please reach out to your sales representative to inquire about the discounts available for you. We're committed to providing you the best possible services in the most budget-friendly manner.